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Video Handbook

Hello everyone! I've had a lot of questions about what I'm looking for, video-wise. So this will be a quick post just to give you some great examples.

1- Videos of everyday life (either before, during, or after the COVID-19 pandemic).

* This could be an Instagram story or just a little video you shot to send a friend. This could be something you filmed for the news. This could be anything at all that captures "a slice of life". You don't need to be talking to the camera or narrating what's going on, but you can if you'd like. Here's some examples:

2- Videos of your city/town/neighborhood/whatever (again, either before, during, or after the pandemic).

*I'd love to see videos of your hometown (or wherever you are). The busy streets before everything shut down. The eerie quiet during social-distancing. The masses returning after we eventually beat Coronavirus. OR if you live some place where it hasn't really been affected for whatever reason. Like right now I'm out in the country, so it's quiet all the time anyway! I still want to see it. Send it over!

3- Confessional-style videos (before/during/after COVID-19)

*I know some of you have a vlog or post a lot of these sort of videos on Instagram. I'd love to see them! Talk about how the "lockdown" makes you feel. Talk about things you're looking forward to when things start opening back up. Give us a tour of your social-distancing life.

4- Special videos

*If you have a birthday, wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, birth of a child, etc. during social-distancing, and you'd be willing to share some video of that experience, I'd love to include it. Even if it's a Zoom recording or the like. Let's see it!

5- Any other videos I haven't mentioned here. :) I also am looking for people who'd like to do a virtual interview. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know!

One last note- they do NOT have to be professional videos, or anything that is edited or has music or anything at all. Just hanging out with your cell phone taking videos? Sounds good, send it my way. :)

If you have any more questions or you think you have a video I'd like to see, please email me at or send a message to me on Facebook or Instagram (@america2020project).

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