• America 2020 Project

March 21

March 21, 2019 was the day that I announced the creation of the America 2020 Project on social media for the first time.

March 21, 2020 was the day I arrived back home in Virginia to hunker down at my mom's and wait for COVID to run it's course.

March 21, 2021 is another big day for the project, albeit one I hoped would never have to come.

Today, two years after I announced my project, I am posting with a broken heart to tell you that the America 2020 Project is coming to an end. While it is not the outcome I envisioned almost ten years ago when I started throwing around this idea, I know in my heart that it is the right decision.

Please watch the video below for my final thoughts, if you're so inclined.

Before I say goodbye, I want to give one more ENORMOUS thank you to the following people, who gave their time, their talents, their money, their emotional support, their couches, their advice, and so much more.

Andrew Luckett

Lindsay Tolar

Betsey DiSanza

Victoria Cuesta

Allen Francis

JD Prevost

Chris Baker

Diana Foronda

Meagan Warren

Brianne Schodowski

Tyler "T-Money" Gallimore

Amanda Hobbs

Jamie Hoover

Michelle Harlow

Steve Constant

Katie & Dawson Kriska

Lawrence Ross

Khadija Conteh

Allishia Bauman

Matthew Laskos

John & Melissa Schoendorf


Aaron Layman


Mike Meador

Hillery Crosier

Paul Snyder

Laura Jane

Dave Madden

Eric Warren, author (@arkvander)

Jessica Plautz

Lauren H.

Jonathan Ruggiero


Laura Dobbins

Colleen Carrell

Sam & Joey Skeen

Brooke Williams, WFXR

Nancy & Spencer O'Neil

Beverly Smith

Scott Cook

Sarah & Joey Bartley

Sarah Sharkey

Marion Pulse

Murray & Donna Cook


Amylia Hecker


Doug & Reba


Angelina Willett


Kari & Fluffs

Holly & Pat McLean

Maggie Radford

Jared M. Gordon

Maria McDowell

Sarah & Ben Skeen

Greg & Annie Moses

Wendy Bearden

Meg "Badass Extraordinaire" Lewis

Joshua Hernandez


The McCormicks

Shar Ray

Autumn Foster

John Jennings Megan Bradley

Heidi Willis

Ted Conway

Mary Ellen O'Neil

Brittany Landals

Kellie Hargroder

JoAnna McClellan

Mimi Bartley

Donelric Owens

Jennifer Printz

Ted Terry

Tammy Williams

Jared Rush

Patrick Rhodes

Joshua Jones

Dani Taylor

Michael Amiel

Alejandro Hernandez

Joey Rao

Demetrio Bob

John Cortes

Jennifer Durden-Scott

Kelly McRell

Elizabeth Valentine

Sarah Ray

Canaan Kitterman

Joanna Amarante

Michelle Moreno



Dave McComb

Allison Lopes

Lisa Brown

Grace Bezirdjian

Chanel Shannon


Rock the Vote

Strong as Fit

Gloss Salon

Next Cube Over

And most of all, my incredible family. I love you more than words and I am endlessly grateful for you. THANK YOU.

See you real soon. <3

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