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"Look for the helpers"

In honor of World Kindness Day, I wanted to give you a little insight into one of the lovely things I discovered while interviewing folks in my travels earlier this year. I'll give you a hint, it connects nicely with my favorite Mr. Rogers quote.

You'll also find the video includes insights into my revised plans for the project and my hopes for post-election America. I hope you enjoy it!

Sending you and your loved ones all my best wishes as we roll into the winter months. Please stay safe and healthy, wear a mask and continue to socially distance, and most of all be kind to one another.

Happy Holidays and lots of love from me and Biggie. :)

Please remember to follow the America 2020 Project instagram account for future updates, as this will be the primary method of delivering information. @America2020Project

The image of the Mr. Rogers quote is borrowed with gratitude from the David Kirsch blog:

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