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Here We Go Again...

After a long and wild journey, it's finally time to hit the road again. This time at home has been a bit emotional, with everything I've been having to figure out, as well as some personal stuff that's come up. On top of that, my mom has started a new life out of my hometown, which we are thrilled for, but now that she has moved away and my dad has passed, it's hard to realize that the place I reluctantly called home for most of my life is less and less "home". I'll always have my bonus family here, and my all-time best friends are here, but some of the more firm ties I had holding me here have been cut, which is very freeing and at the same time leaves me feeling a bit untethered.

All the changes in my life have given me reason to reminisce about my childhood and family time. For example, I recently recalled one of the last big conversations I had with my dad. I told him about my idea for this project, and he told me he thought it sounded fun and that he would come with me. At that point he'd been sick for quite some time and we both knew that probably wouldn't ever come to be. But I can still hear his voice saying that to me and I still feel him every step of the way. I wish he was here, and I sure hope that he is proud of what I've created.

I've also been thinking a lot about our family vacations I had growing up, and our little traditions like stopping for breakfast before we hit the road, or playing the license plate game or the alphabet game. Or me, sleeping the entire 12 hours to Florida in the back of the minivan (seriously). I've posed the question to some of my friends and I'll pose it to you now as well- what are some of your favorite memories of road trips and travel with your own families growing up? As my nephews get older, I get more and more excited about the opportunity to travel with them and show them the world and creating our own memories.

It's overwhelming to think about how much there is out there that many of us never get the chance to see, and not just across the world, but right here in our own country! While my schedule doesn't allow me a lot of time to sight-see or explore, I can't wait to see the changing landscapes and the things that make each state and city so unique. For those of you who haven't checked it out already, please don't forget to visit, because it's a great place to see what's out there across the country and map out a trip to see all of these things for yourself. I'll be posting on there as I go, both photos and little "reviews" about the places I see.

One of the first things I visited is Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, so until my next post (from the road!!!), I'll leave you with this great photo of one of my all-time favorite places on the planet, and with lots of wishes for you to find the magic in your own travels in 2020 and beyond. See you soon on the road!

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